Farewell, Sweet Rose

Rosie, our beloved shipper, the best shipper in the world, the coolest girl ever, is graduating from her textile program at Maine College of Art next week and moving to Michigan, Detroit even, where the new art action is heating up. She’s going to love it and we are SO SAD to say goodbye.

Rosie came to us last summer with such a strong recommendation from one of her teachers, also a friend of the shop, that the interview began: “Hi, when can you start?”…and none of us ever looked back. If you haven’t been around young people for a while, (I hadn’t), what a wake up call! Quietly confident and tuned in she turned all the head aches and angst that was our shipping “department” into a sea of calm. Not to mention she has a memory! I haven’t trusted my own or anyone’s memory for so long it was like living in a time machine to ask a “do you remember” question and have her respond: “ya, that was shipped on Tuesday and the rest of her order… then she’d name the items… should be ready in three days.” I’m laughing even as I type this, it tickled me so pink. 

We’d text back and forth the night before her shifts so I could tell her about anything needing special attention. One of my favorite Rosie responses: “you got it, Boss!”  What a throwback, what a fabulous, fabulous young woman. 

So, Miss Rose, we love you as if you were  our own. You bring such maturity and calm to this crazy, overly anxious world. (You certainly brought it to our shop!) You have your head on straight and your feet planted solidly on the earth. The world awaits you..go get ‘em sweetie. 

PS if anyone reading this lives in the Portland area you can see Rosie’s senior thesis, five beautiful coats, in the window of Maine College of Art on Congress St, Portland this first week of May. The girl’s got a future!


From the SoSt bulletin board

I met a librarian years ago who said  his job was to “start conversations.” I love that.

I’m beginning to think one of our jobs at South Street is to disseminate information about what’s important to us, makes us happy, believe everyone should know. I don’t think there’s a limit about content. 

So here goes:

I need to tell you about a New Yorker article, and a book I read while  sitting on a pristine  beach in Florida. (OMG I was SO HAPPY. I even got a cold. I didn’t care!)

The article: Roger Angell’s  “This Old Man” in the Feb 17& 24 New Yorker. I read it Feb 13th. It was the biggest-hearted valentine to life ever written, I swear. 

ON Valentine’s Day my husband and I took off (via a stop to see kids and grandkids) for Manasota Beach Club on Manasota Key, FL.

A wonderful customer told me this is one of her “places”..not a high rise in sight, three good meals a day, ancient Banyan trees. “Old Florida” she said. Alleluia!

When was the last time ANYTHING exceeded your expectations? Or am I just getting too syndical..check it out:

We went for 5 days..HARD to come home. I’ll now follow her anywhere.

The book: “The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove” by Christopher Moore. So goofy, the guy is fabulously whacked. Is there anything more cathartic than laughing convulsively? 

AH! One more thing: for this warm weather  trip I raided the store and took: 3 tunics, a couple Jane dresses and capris..that did it!

"We’re almost there" she says waking to 2 stinking degrees on  March 4th. Hang in… really great new stuff coming from us on the website this weekend. I just photographed Terry on Sunday..she looks so damn good in our stuff! So will you.



WE ARE THREE!…in more ways than one

We turn three years old this Friday and I think about it in two ways: man, was THIS ever a year! And then…can I act three? just for a few days?

First, this is the year we got our sea legs; we learned how to hold on and go for it when opportunity demanded breathtaking risks and then exhale when pressure  backed off a little. We understand what growing a business means more than ever.

We are all often asked if we miss doing our own art and we all say “yes.” But learning to do something totally new and gaining new confidences in the process is an amazing feeling especially at this point in life. It’s exhilarating and I know it’s feeding my art…I can feel it from here.

We continue to LOVE what happens between us and our customers. The word “awakening” comes to mind. We are a fabulous generation of women who have so much to share about ourselves as we freely talk to each other. It happens in the store all. the. time. and on the phone with you. Remember when women didn’t talk about “the change?” It’s okay to be this age, have this body and think these thoughts and at the very least, to share them with each other. 

And probably this all adds up to my second response to being three: sometimes I don’t want to be so damn adult. Sometimes I want to give flip answers to rudeness and pick fights with idiots.

There I said it. Feels good.

Feel free to call!!

OX Jane


Linen in Winter…

HI Everyone..

Can we talk about where and when to wear linen?  After three years of running a linen business in Maine we want to set the record straight on linen in winter.  Since linen is a great breather and insulator, better than cotton even, it keeps you cool in summer and, we are thrilled to tell you, warm in winter. It’s comfortable, yummy  to wear and  looks great on. It’s a perfect layer in any season.

We sell different weight linens because they have different insulating/cooling qualities; lighter for summer, heavier for winter. We also layer under it if the weather calls for a closer layer. (Our striped tees? perfect first layer). So you get the picture, right? You don’t have to wait until  the temperature is above 75 (or Memorial Day) to wear your beloved linen. 

I can’t help with your patent leather shoe decision. But if it’s about linen, call me. The doctor is in!


Ode to Theresa…Your Right to Bare Arms…Undressing in the Showroom…etc..

I have too many things to talk about.

First, I need to thank you all and tell you you are RIGHT in saying that we have a great model on our website and in our ads. ”It’s so great she’s of a certain age” you say almost apologetically.

Having Theresa model has been one of the biggest uppers of this business. She had no idea she’d love the way she feels in our clothes as much as she does and I didn’t know she’d be such a natural in front of the camera. We laugh a LOT. She doesn’t ever wear make up in “real life” so we both crack up when she sees herself in the mirror. Gorgeous,  right? Where did we find her?? Next door in rural Maine!

Next: my body image issue of the month: arms and your right to bare them.

People! Women! They are okay!..and don’t bother writing to me about this. I can’t take it.

Thirdly, (and in total contradiction to the arms diatribe), this has become one of my favorite topics since opening our store:  why are so many women running around in their underwear in the showroom?? Something is happening in there and clearly, not only is it out of our control, it’s out of everyone’s control! It’s as if we have a sign on the door that reads: don’t bother using the dressing rooms, just take off your clothes and let it all blow free! There ARE men upstairs who occasionally walk through, and when we say that you say something like:”oh I’m not the least bit modest” or “I’m very quick..” OK, we get it…we’ll just pick up your garments and make a pile on the chair for when your romp is over…and shut up about it.

Fourthly, the list of endlessly cool women coming our way is worth everything about this business. You help us remember why we decided to do this in the first place. Vibrant, hilarious  and so grateful for what we’re trying to do. Our connections have become as important  as our paychecks. We love you.

We mean it.


Jane of Team South Street